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If you haven't heard of Pinterest yet then I would have to assume you've been without internet, iphones and cable for some months now... It's the newest social media site and specifically great for those planning a wedding! Just "pin" any photo you find on the web (except Facebook, which is does not allow you to pin photos from) to your "virtual scrapbook."  No more copy and pasting images or saving them in folders on your desktop. It makes it easy to remember ideas and photos that inspire you. I found it great in working with new clients and brides as it allows me to see what style they like, what colors are catching their eye, the decor they are going for, and so much more.  Also brides can follow me to see what inspires me and also what new vases, vessels, bouquets and flowers I'm pinning that they might just want to incorporate into their wedding or event.

Join Noonan's Designs on Pinterest to start following us and be inspired with the click of the mouse! If you are starting a new account, just email me and I'll invite you so you don't have to be put on a wait list!

Pinterest bouquet - red and purple