Listen to Your Angel

On this Sunday, which happened to be my only free day off in awhile I did a little "summer" cleaning in the house and found a book that my aunt have given me on my 16th birthday, which yes was a long time ago, but it was so meaningful to me that when I found it, I found a little a piece of happiness that I wanted to share with all of you...

This book was so meaningful because my Aunt Kathie gave it to me in memory of my late Grandma Winnie, who always told me "You can do anything you put your mind to." I have followed those words and do my best to always keep them close to me knowing she is my angel watching over me. I wanted to share a few great quotes from this small, but oh-so-meaningful book, so that you too, could keep in mind that everyday life is a gift and that you might too, have an angel watching over you...

You are a unique creation... able to achieve all the goals that you set your mind and heart on.

When faced with obstacles that seem overwhelming, open your eyes, look for a new road and head in a new direction. You might find a wonderful surprise waiting for you, just around the bend.

Your life will unfold, doors will open, and your goal will be reached. Listen to your angel. 

Cheers, Katie